Are you prepared to protect your business if crisis strikes?

Insignia’s Crisis Scorecard assesses your crisis preparedness against five critical criteria


Being able to prevent or respond to a crisis begins with the culture of your business. Does it reduce the potential for a damaging crisis or create an environment in which disasters are more likely?


When everything you’ve ever worked for is on the line during a crisis, it’s easy to leap to action without thinking. Do you have principles, plans and processes to guide your crisis response under pressure?


Plans are important in a crisis, but people will make or break your response. How ready is your team to face the biggest challenge of their careers?


A crisis places a business under intense scrutiny with reputations, jobs, careers and even lives on the line. How well-rehearsed is your business to successfully navigate a crisis?


If crisis strikes, your destiny is determined by how you react on the most challenging day of your career. Will you respond with confidence and emerge with your reputation intact?

Is your business prepared to respond to a crisis?